We are where body meets sound, giving us “somatic sound”. Or...



Akara is an “energy transmitter” through both touch and dance. Zorg plays didjeridoo in support of meditation experiences. Together, we offer dance journeys & Kuṇḍalinī activations.
Akara - the “soma” - is known as an “energy transmitter”. She has most recently trained in the Kuṇḍalinī Activation Process (KAP) modality with Venant Wong. Since 2014, she has been offering dance as a form of therapy, pairing nicely with the yoga teacher certification that she obtained in India in 2015. In 2017, her bodywork practice expanded to include a certification as a Reiki practitioner. Currently, Akara is enrolled in her master’s of counseling psychology in California, USA to be a licensed marriage and family therapist. She holds a bachelor’s in journalism & communication which has taken her around the globe - including Africa on various occasions, as she focused on human development and environmental sustainability.
Zorg - the “sound” - is a multi-instrumentalist who has been playing didjeridoo for the past 12 years. He holds a PhD from Oxford University focusing on the Kashmir Shaivite School of Tantra, and his training in TaKeTiNa explored music and movement as a tool to enter meditative states of consciousness. His previous solo offerings of Didjital Sound Journeys have focused on using the didjeridoo to support a new form of Kuṇḍalinī meditation, where the didjeridoo sounds play the role of audible mantras for the energies of each chakra.

Simple by practice, profound by experience. By lightly touching certain “meridian lines” along the body, Akara shares an “energy transmission” that activates the body, stimulates the mind, and releases blocked emotions. An increased sense of Self, presence, and overall well-being ensues. Throughout, Zorg offers a sound healing journey by playing the didjeridoo, one of the oldest instruments known to mankind. Overall feelings of lightness and clarity are often described; a “coming home” to oneself.


Dance Journeys:
Using hand selected playlists, we take you on a “circle of life” dance journey. Starting at the feet, we move and dance our way up activation centers of the body to “come back down” more embodied, connected, and real. Zorg begins and ends each session on the didjeridoo, as Akara energetically transmits an activation of the entire space. Throughout, Akara guides the movements to facilitate the greatest level of openness and let go. Akara has shared dance experiences around the world since 2015, including explorations into Gurdjieff's Sacred Movements.
Nap Gurus:
No parent wants to see their child suffer from not being able to sleep... And no parent wants to be sleep deprived! Similar to our main modality, what we offer to babies, young children, and families in general is the chance to be “lulled to sleep” by the sound of a live didjeridoo as Akara shares a transmission of peaceful energy. Also for pregnant moms, we offer relaxing journeys where Mom and baby can both enjoy the deep sounds of the didjeridoo while Akara supports Mom's physical transformations.


For more information, and to keep in touch with our latest events, please email us at info@somasound.io